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Humankinds’ greatest good is love. Love divine, and a love that cleanses the soul and brings it harmony with its Creator. To violate this love that has no human source is to go into darkness and never come out. When this love is violated we are out of balance with our world and with life. Humanity needs an anchor, and to dwell in the realms of relativity is to dwell in the uncertainty of an eternity we cannot see. It is a statement of truth to say that any person using themselves as a point of reference regarding temporal and eternal issues are using a very poor standard to measure themselves by. As they say in and I quote in my best Spanish” En ningún modo puede la mente finitos comprender el funcionamiento de la mente infinita”
In no way can the finite mind grasp the workings of the Infinite mind. There is a universal law that governs all, a glance at the stuff creation is made of should easily convince that and intelligent design requires and intelligent mind. And if there is an intelligent mind there is a person behind it, not only that if we look at the fibre of the universe we see that it is governed and if it is governed it is ordered. Therefore the Infinite mind, and the Person behind it not only guides it and governs it by virtue of the work of creation but governs it using absolute moral standards. According to Paul Tillich a metaphysic and philosopher of his times “ God is the absolute moral principle of the universe. That is why in even the remotest of places you can think of there is a right and a wrong, no man is an island living only to himself, everyone is connected by a common thread what one does affects the community and what affects the community affects society, and what affects society dictates the state of nation.
So having said that there is a God, which created ex nihilio, and having established that this God is a moral governer of a ordered universe, one has to ask. So what has this got to do with me? Well by virtue of our creatureliness, we are Gods’ownership by virtue of creation. The DNA of the creator is stamped on us, and we are simply not as the animals. We have a living soul that will live not only now but in eternity. Our freewill is then limited to the freewill of the One who made us. We can chose but our choice is limited to our place in time.We can choose but only according to our nature. And from what I know of human nature, too many poor choices have destroyed too many lives. We hardly ever choose to follow the path of our greatest good, and our greatest good would be the design for which we were created. Nobody chooses Love out of their own volition, human nature does not have the capacity for the unconditional excellence of a God who makes all things for His own pleasure. Did I say his? Yes. Let me put it this way, God is the primary creative force in all of creation. And by virtue of that its “father” While this may seem a little bit patriarchal, if understood as the “Primary Creative Force” then objections can be seen in a lesser light. True while Earth is our “Mother” in a sense it is also by virtue of earth being a created entity, It is the cradle that was made before the baby came, so to speak. It is in itself not the Primary creative force. It serves a function as the “home for humanity” we are creatures of our environment, because we were made to be that way.
If we are to say this all just relative, then we argue ourselves out of existence, you may legitametly ask then “why am I here? , am I here at all, or am I just a figment of my imagination. Does it really matter what I do as long as I dont’ hurt anybody? Can we really imagine the reality of the situation when we claim that we can do what we will, but harm none? This is not the reality of human experience. Apart from the fact that “to do what we will, is a motive steeped in selfish humanistic thought and does not take cognisance of the harm we then do against our greatest good and that is to love one another as we have been loved by our Maker.


Posted September 7, 2009 by Reformed and renewed in Absolute Thinking

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