God delights in Himself   Leave a comment

First, God is happy because he delights in himself. God would be unjust if he valued anything more that what is supremely valuable. And he is supremely valuable. If he did not take infinite delight in his own glory, he would be unrighteous, because it is right to take delight in a person in proportion to the excellence of their glory. The Scriptures are saturated with texts showing how God unwaveringly acts out of a love for his own glory. “For my own sake, for my own sake I do it, for how should my name be profaned? My glory I will not give to another” (Isaiah 48:11).

I find this absolutely astounding. The complete sermon by John Piper is on his website I the give the link to and I highly recommend its reading.

Can anyone imagine what would be our predicament if God did not delight in saving us? And by giving Himself glory by doing that !


Posted September 9, 2009 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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