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Ephesians 1 3Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.
There days that simply just go by and the memory of them disappear into nothingness and then there are days when I live because of the this word from Ephesians. It is too easy when we are living in a sin drenched world that God is Sovereign and He will have the last word. And every Word in between too!
To live in the power of the Spirit through the very Word when temptation visits. That is a blessing to be thankful for. “Flee from the wrath to come,! Was the warning Bunyan’s Pilgrim, Christian got. But sin is sly it would have us and a man in his own strength cannot possibly serve God in His own strength. It is only by Jesus Christ, Our Lord that sin may be put to death by superior pleasure taken in Christ and His redemptive work in and for us. I think the more glorious we can see our Saviour to be the less attractive sin would become. Who wants to eat with the pigs when you can dine with the King?
It would only take these glorious thoughts to take the sting out of the worst day on the calendar. What can possibly even beginning to compare to the Incomparable Christ?
When we open our bible when enter “the heavenly realms” we enter into the very Words from God, what better day to start your day than with a word from God? Sometimes I sit and think what a privilege it is to have a Bible in my hands, not only a Bible but the same Bible that has been the companion of many godly men and women gone before. In Christ we share the same redemption that scores have embraced and lived by, even died for. So for the most part I hope for the rest of my days that I continue to “put to death” the flesh quench the desire for the world and its things and put the devil to flight by these very same words. Not by any strength that I might have but by the true spiritual blessing from God in Christ. The incarnate word of God, given to us in these last days. So by this I must as must you dear reader. Choose the superior pleasures of God above those of the world, the flesh and the devil. I have heard it said and it bears repeating. “Whatever you do or say next testifies to your conversion or to your continued path in depravity. Choose life! Choose it daily and delight yourself afresh in the “spiritual blessing we have through God in Christ Jesus”.
Peace be with you.


Posted September 21, 2009 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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