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Very despondent this morning I opend my Bible for morning devotions on Psalm 71:1
“In you O Lord have I taken refuge…never let me be put to shame.”

I know that apart from the death of Christ for my sake I have no hope of eternal life, no hope for life in the now and consigned to my sin and weaknesses. Yet I have this hope theat I may hope in Christ.
“Verse 2”
Rescue me and deliver me in your righteousness” the psalmists says, and so do I. I have no merits in this world or the next to present to God or for that matter even have favor with man. I have not courage or fortitude of my own that I may say to my King, “see what gifts I can bring you” All I have is this hope.

Verse 3: “Be my rock of refuge, to which I can always go, give the command to save me!,for you are my rock and my fortress, Deliver me O my God from the hand of the wicked, from their grasp…
“The wicked” for me anyway are not just other people, the wicked are my own heart corruptions that so wage war against my soul. Were it not for God surely this “smouldering wick” would have been doused long ago.
Who then truly can shepherd my soul? are there any who will truelly walk with me the path to heaven?

Knowing that God is my Refuge, is a great comfort, and brings hope and vison to my eyes when I am very downcast. yet it seems in many cases, to folow Christ is to follow Him alone. I trust not my own heart any longer. I trust in God who can save me form the corruption within and bring me to Himself. Wat a day that will be that there will no longer be pain, or doubt or fears or sorrow. Or godless people who consider not their conduct and manners.

I digress. This is my hope…Because “In God I have taken refuge” even if all other comforts must fly away.


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