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I have of recent come to a new discovery, maybe not so new. but for me, quite a revelation. John 3:16 says quite simply, for God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever belives on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
The point that is usually made is that God has made way for sinners to be forgiven. But what is not seen is that “For God so loved.” Forgiveness is something all who have comet to Christ should hold in highest esteem, and be exceedingly gratefull for the gift. But the gift is only seen of value to those who recive it truelly when the value of the giver is appreciated. Shall I say I value the presensts give to me by my family over christmas time is of more value than my family? May it never be! But this is what we do with Christ. We esteem His gift but we consider Him not. This is where my heart has turned to. Would I still want to go to heaven if Christ were not there? Or would I follow Him regrardless of where He leads me?
I cannot imagine heaven, my mind cannot conceive the glories of it, I know many have written books on it, but can one really imagine heaven? I dont think so. I dont have to imagine Christ though. He has lived among us, and through the gospels we see His glory. We see the love of God on display on the cross, and we see the condecension of God in reaching into the lives of truelly unlovely people.
John Dunne, a poet of old had it right in his ‘Hymn to God”

Wilt thou forgive that sin where I begun,
Which was my sin, though it were done before?
Wilt thou forgive that sin, through which I run,
And do run still, though still I do deplore?
When thou hast done, thou hast not done,
For I have more.

Wilt thou forgive that sin which I have won
Others to sin, and made my sin their door?
Wilt thou forgive that sin which I did shun
A year or two, but wallow’d in, a score?
When thou hast done, thou hast not done,
For I have more.

I have a sin of fear, that when I have spun
My last thread, I shall perish on the shore;
But swear by thyself, that at my death thy Son
Shall shine as he shines now, and heretofore;
And, having done that, thou hast done;
I fear no more.

When all is done, Christ must be the one we strive to heaven for. If not we have gone after yet another idol, and a religious one at that.
Let us then esteem the giver of the gift and while we enjoy the gift as a gift, and not as the perfect end. Our faith is perfected in Christ, and our love to Him can be truelly alive only when we stop begging for the gifts and love the Saviour instead and follow Him in Holy obedience


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