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Christ is called the Prince of Peace and our peace because He calms all the agitations of conscience. If the method is asked, we must come to the sacrifice by which God was appeased, for no man will ever cease to tremble, until he hold that God is propitiated solely by that expiation in which Christ endured his anger. In short, peace must be sought nowhere but in the agonies of Christ, our redeemer.”

Shall God’s righteous anger be stlled against the wickedness of sin by anything other than the sacrifce of Jesus? There is no way that God’s anger may be stilled except by Christ.
In the words of C.H Spurgeon ” I have a great need of Christ, I have a great Christ to meet my need.” What makes this Grace for me so amazing is that it is so totally undeserved. “Nothing in my hands I bring, only to Thy Cross I cling’.


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  1. What a wonderful Spurgeon quote.

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