Let us not Loiter on our heavenward journey   Leave a comment

Let us not Loiter on our heavenward journey”-David Brainerd

This has to be one of my favourite quotes, but one from a mentor ( David Brainerd) that was deeply introspective and almost morbid at times, yet most serious about the state of his soul, which most of us don’t spend nearly enough time on. Spend and be spent for Christ. Why waste time energy and resources when eternity is in the balance. That is why I open this dialogue from a sincere but conservative and Reformed perspective.
Because the issues are huge and eternity is at stake. Its heaven or hell. And without too much speculation I can say that if we are not in the last days as the bible prophesied, then surely we are close. For all it is an apt time, “to Prepare to meet your God” as the prophet Amos says.
So let us then not loiter on this heavenly journey, but deal with the dross and the sin, that clutters every human soul, by the sure mercies of Christ let us hold fast to the true confession that there is no hope but Christ, no way but Christ, no truth but Christ, and no salvation without Christ. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. I am writing from a conservative perspective, only because I found the liberal schools I have been in, lacking in life changing doctrines, engaging mostly in peripherals and not engaging the business of exalting God, but rather catering to the whims of man.
I urge you reader to consider this, that Christ will welcome you with open arms, if you but come to Him, and come to Him on his terms. Add nothing and take nothing away.
So let us not loiter any longer on our heavenly journey, Judgment day must surely come and the glory of the Lord shall be seen as surely as the waters cover the sea.


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