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There are times it is good not to quote anybody and just speak one’s mind. Well today I wnat to talk a bit about not losing heart. The Bible is the source for the Christian to remain in a vibrant sustainable relationship with God and to not lose heart is to not lose sight of this fact, that the Scriptures as we have them, are wholly, complete, infallible inerrant and completely sufficient for the Christian to live his life by.

Yet so many do lose heart, and the question is when we have such a resource why? Well to have a low view of scripture is one reason, those who wait for the Bible to “speak to them” will find it silent. God speaks to the heart when the Scriptures are read and meditated on. Personally I believe that eating to sustain you physical body is conducive to good sense and good health. You would not starve your physical body, why then starve your soul?

Why indeed, well one of the reasons that many I know sink into a black depression, ( and I speak of this with some knowledge) is because our soul goes without food, Jesus said man should not live on bread alone, and when the soul is starved it withers like anything else. When the soul is starved we seem to lose sense and do things we would not ordinarily do. * (I speak of Christians) worldly people will do as they please anyway, because they are spiritually dead and the only logical conclusion they may have in the end is that “everything is futile”

Depression indeed is a very deep secret to most, it is mostly a spiritual ailment and can mostly be trace to a lack of contentment in God, or sin in the life of the believer. There is nothing as discontent as one who knows they are not fellowshipping with their Master everyday. God is the sustenance we need for true spiritual life, Jesus said it so well in the gospels when He said “ unless you eat of me and drink of me, you can have no part of me” Some thought He was suggesting some sort of cannibalism. But what He was saying was that He is our life.

Of course there are many other valid reasons for depressions and mental disorders that cover a vast range of human mental disabilities. But I am yet to be convinced that swallowing a couple of pills cures the problem. It is mostly a spiritual problem, the ancients used it to call it “melancholy” A condition that renders the man, incapable to be anything but productive. It steals the life and heart from a man and leaves him with a feeling of what i would call, “spiritual Paralysis” not able to do many things for either himself or god’s Kingdom. Propped up by medication. Such a person becomes overly “needy” and does not normally get much help from christians who think they got it made. Of course medication may be helpful but not always needful except in most extreme cases.God is the author of help and help he sometimes sends in a very human way.

The point is not to lose heart, not to lose the fact that Jesus is your life, your hope your sustaining provider. To lose this focus is to sink into a pit of worry and espair, and when you are in this condition, you would do anything to get out of it. Yet for some at least, it is “the messenger from God” to humble us and cause us to look to Him and not our own strength or ability. It is a gift, in many cases, that once you have lived through “a dark night of the soul” You will taste and see that the Lord is good. Suffering lasts but a night but joy will come in the morning.
Yet if the Lord does not heal your affliction, it is also for a cause, it is to cleanse and purify the soul and make it fit for its final destination, which is the Presence of the Living God, who is forever Blessed and Holy. Such affliction sanctifies the soul set apart for holiness. In the words of Jeremiah Burroughs ( an Old dead Theologian) “ It is better to suffer this kind of affliction, that leads to holiness, than to suffer for sin. Those whom the Lord loves He disciplines, therefore, we should not lose heart, for we are loved, and that by God.


Posted April 7, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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