The refuge of the desperate   Leave a comment

The Kingdom of Heaven is not for the well-meaning: it is for the desperate.
~ James Denney.

There was a time, I knew it all, could quote most of it, and had things reasonably figured out. Now I don’t know anymore, I wonder at how I could have been so blind. I have no home, until I am in the realized presence of God. This holy presence is my inward home, and, until I experience it, I am a homeless wonderer, a straying sheep in waste howling wilderness.

Seeking God in God’s world : will lead us to examine, or re-examine, many things, and in the process discover much both positive and negative. Motives… fears… selfish ambition… shallowness… and deep-seated desire may all be turned up in the search – the first thing we find in our searching may be ourselves.
Our lack of knowledge, of relationship, of discipline and of convictions may come before us and show us our spiritual condition.

It is in losing ourselves we find our true selves, the true self we generally like to avoid the self that is motivated by its own desires and motives. It is not until we can abandon our cares to God and leave them there we may find Him and His sustaining power. To “mean well” is not enough” heaven has a narrow gate where the trappings of pride and self exaltation cannot get through. It is not those who think themselves religious may come through; it is those who bring nothing but themselves.
Shall we ignore such severe and gentle a mercy as prayer, one can do many Christian things and still be no Christian. A man is a Christian only inasmuch as he is praying. The closet is not for the faint hearted and seeking God, is the business of eternity. One may well thik that God may once be seen in heaven and that what be wonderful, but the fact is that God who fills eternity has so many depths and facets that mere human intellect will never cease to be amazed by Him.

In our current state, we see but dimly, and it is for most a desperate situation. God may be known but only as far as he lets Himself be known.
Prayer is the one privilege given to us that we may come to God and declare to Him, what is in our hearts. For a revival in our lives we need but to go to the throne room of God and there find the renewal we need. God is after all, most glorified, when we are most satisfied in Him and His provision.


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