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There are no ordinary people. You have
never talked to a mere mortal. Nations,
cultures, arts, civilization—these are
mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of
a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke
with, work with, marry, snub, and
exploit—immortal horrors or everlasting
splendours.. .
C.S. Lewis

This is something we in our self absorbed lives don’t care to think about very often. Just how eternity resides within the breast of every man. The Image of God, is placed within the soul as it is formed in its mother’s womb. And the gift of life immortal is a gift given to every man who draws the breath of life. Having said that, it is also true that we are all sinners and fall short of living up t o what God has made us to be.

The Imago Dei is tarnished by sin, and the human spirit is dead in its trespasses and sins until God looks upon it to regenerate it. Yet it is there, awaiting its final redemption when the soul has put its trust in God, and looked to the wounds of Calvary for its hope.

I work at a big Corporate company, people pass me by, the scores everyday, and I try to acknowledge them as I pass them. But not many have the inclination to acknowledge the divine spark in the other. The ancients of old had the saying, (speaking of the Christian fathers) “ The Christ in me, greets the Christ in you” Now while that may be construed as somewhat mystical. I will admit, it is, it is a mystery, how fellowship among Christians leads to sanctification and an increased hope as we see each other’s victories and struggles. It is said that “ Faith alone saves, and that is true, but the faith that saves, is never alone. God places the spiritual newborns in families.

So no, there are no ordinary people, we are not beasts who live and die and have a full stop at the end of our earthly existence. No God has breathed His life into us, and that life is eternal. This should make us grateful and amazed at such divine a gift. God had no need to make any of us. He is not lonely or in need of company. Yet he has made us and placed His image inside of us. That we may live to praise His glorious grace.

We can live to follow His ideal, and find our eternal rest in Him, or we can do nothing, or simply pursue a life that perverts His gifts of life. That has its reward a never ending nightmare..
So next time you step outside your office or cubicle, next time you speak to your spouse or to your children, know that you are talking and interacting with a living soul. A soul designed by God and for His Glory. How would you treat such a soul? Our track record as those created by God, is not good at all.

But we can still do this. Look to Jesus, look to Jesus! He can cleanse and make the image of God within you alive again. That we may know how we may treat each other, by faith in His blood shed on Calvary for our sin.This is our only hope, human nature as it is, will self destruct if it contiunes in its endless quest in glorifying itself instead of its Maker, who is forever Blessed, Amen.


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