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All little systems have their day, have their day and cease to be, they are but broken lights compared to Thee, for thou O Lord art more than they…………
Systems, that is what this world seems to be about, political systems, religious systems, Technical systems, business systems, entertainments systems and formulas , systems and techniques to cater for every whim and fancy.

It has been said before and I will say it again, you can chose what influences your life and thinking, I work within a system, I worship within a system, I live pretty much within a system. Most of us do, for better or ill, we are rebuilding the Babylon of ancient times, where a system was built to function apart from God.
You can build and run a church without God, you can run a business, and live a life without God in your thinking, but altogether that is a bad idea, to say the least. For there will come a day when you will meet your maker face to face, Amos 3:12 puts it so directly, “Prepare to meet thy God” so forcefully the truth of our finite existence is brought to bear, we are not the “captains of our soul” or the “masters of our own destiny” We are made for God and for His pleasure.

As I sit here and write I am at pains to bring myself to come to the place where I can live my life in full submission to Him. But then there is the question of the “little systems” that make up our lives. Who has influenced and shaped your thinking? Your Bible or the Oprah Winfrey Show?
“There is a way” the scripture says “that seems right unto man, but the end there off is death” Every road does not lead to Rome and every system is not from God. God too has a system, The basis of which is Love and Justice in balance.
It is hard to believe in the Justice part of it, because it forces us to consider His Holiness, His Holiness in which no corrupt thing can stand.

I don’t know about you but I sometimes cling too tightly too the things that I hold dear, to my own detriment, many times. If anything is to be learnt, then it is this: Psalm 115: 3 states clear and plainly: “ God is in heaven and He does as He pleases……”

So what is it that pleases God? A very limited answer is that we relinquish our little systems for His pleasure.
I hear a lot of teachings on human self-fulfillment, people’s opinions on spirituality and the like, but opinions like that do not matter, it is what God thinks of my response to His revelation of Himself that matters.
So it is with a lot of pain that I must learn to relinquish what I hold dear and submit it to God who wants first place in my life, second place simply is not good enough.

Where does such relinquishment lead? I do not know, all I know that it pleases God when we put our trust in Him and leave the outcome to Him….in the words of the poet of a bygone era, Alfred Lord Tennyson “All little systems have their day, have their day and cease to be, they are but broken lights compared to Thee, for thou O Lord art more than they…………


Posted April 30, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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