Towards a Christain response to apathy -Part 2   Leave a comment

Apathy is the thin line between Love and Hate.

Simon Thomas

I dont know about you, but indifference is something I hate, Can we really go through the world and not try and make a difference somewhere? The quote above is something I wrote down in my dairy when was albut 22 years old. Seems like when one gets older you get tangled up in all kinds of things and some dreams and aspirations vanish like a morning mist before the sun.
Here is another quote that I like ” Today is the first day of the rest of your life” Suffering is part of our human existence, sometimes God brings it about through various means to sanctify us, but most times we sin and cause our own pain.

The thing is not to hate or become bitter its to let go of the sin confessed and believe in the grace stored up in heaven for us. But o how slow the death that sinfull pride in a man dies! We would rather walk around with the guilt in our pocket than confess it and lay it at the foot of the cross. God give that we run to Him with our sin, and with our flaws, our feelings and in faith grasp ahold of heaven and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

Apathy leads us nowhere except down a road where we despair, I read a book once, the title worth mentioning, ” Don’t just stand there Pray something!” Well letting go of anger and bitternes and repenting of it requires a setting aside of pride. Rather trash your pride than go to hell with your sin. It is better to go to God with a wounded ego than to keep your anger and let it lead you to hell.
Love on the other hand covers a multitude of sins, after confessing your sins, leave it with Christ, guilt belongs to the Law and the devil will beat all the life out of you with it.

In the words of famed Irish Poet, Robert Burns. ” A man’s reach should exceed his grasp or what’s a heaven for?” rather let go of the pride that keeps you from pleading the mercies of God, that are there for the asking, new every morning, than lead yourself down the road to apathy and misery by overmuch despairing of sin. If you can do nothing else pray, if you got lots to do, pray. At all times call on the name of the Lord. He will get the glory by it and you will get the help.


Posted May 28, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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