Towards a christian response to Loving God- Obedience   Leave a comment

If anyone does not love the Lord–a curse be on him!” 1 Corinthians 16:22

If you truly love the Lord Jesus Christ–then you earnestly study and endeavor to please Him by a life of universal obedience. Love is always desirous to please the person beloved; and it will naturally lead to a conduct that is pleasing. This, then, you may be sure of, that if you truly love Jesus–then it is the labor of your life to please Him.

The only way to please Jesus, and the best test of your love to Him–is obedience to His commandments. This is made the decisive mark by Christ Himself: “If anyone loves Me–he will obey My teaching. He who does not love Me–will not obey My teaching.” John 14:23, 24.

I dont know about you but sometimes knowing the truth that sets you free is easier than following the truth that sets you free. It is not until we understand how totally depraved we are in our human nature that we can grasp grace, I never understood this until I faced the fact of the sinfulness of my sin and that I could do nothing to rescue myself from its punishment due to it. Another thing I tried was to theologically justify my sin, now that was an interesting period in my life. I nearly drove myself mad. You can in no way justify your sin, no matter what it is.

Jesus is our greatest good and to sin against our greatest good is the evil of evils, there is nothing more wicked than wicked than to continue to sin against the love and compassion Christ has show us, it is better  to suffer than to sin. And so it should be our deisre to please God in our speech our conduct and our way of life, and to to gratify our own little sins. I believe the worst kind of sin is to be a pretender, to say you love Christ but then to carry on and do as you please.
The best thing to do is to consider our ways and then live the kind of lives that would please God. There is no guesswork  involved in this, it is to pick up our Bibles and see what it says to us on any given thing and then do it. I need a lot of Grace to do that. Dont you? I dare not trust my own heart, it has proved a poor leader, best to trust in God’s infallible Word.


Posted June 4, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Misc

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