Towards a Christian Hope- Christ our Wrath Bearer   Leave a comment

One thing is consistently guiding me, the fact of the Cross where Jesus died to take away my sin, literally becoming the Wrath-Bearer (Propitiation) and taking the punishment due to me and you as a law breakers destined for and deserving nothing but hell.

This is my Justification, that by this gospel I am saved as I look to Jesus, I am consistently brought back to the Word, for feelings are fickle things, today you have a bad day and you dont feel all that holy and tomorrow you do all the right things and you think you have pleased God by it. Sadly no, your unworthyness is as consistent as mine we add nothing by our piety or by our lack thereoff.
 God is pleased only with Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. We can offer no other sacrfice, no good behaviour or merit marks, it is only the blood of Christ which has Ransomed us from the very pits of hell and brought us into the dominion of the all surpassing Grace of God.
This is a good thing to know when you have bad days, shall Christ forsake me when I have a bad day or even a bad week? He has said then ” I will never leave you or forsake you” What Grace!
The other thing is in fact a little bit like going to the dentist, God in Christ extracts our sin from us and makes us holy. It is for the most part not nice at the time, and as anyone who has sat in the dentist chair would know, you suffer. (Still bear the scars from my last visit)  Ever tell your child ” This is going to hurt me more than it is going to hurt you, well same thing here. God will sanctify as and make us holy and present us fautltess before Him, and we shal forget all our troubles in a moment. O to be rid of the sin that brings me down! Rather suffer now and let God have His way in my life than suffer eternally for refusing the medicine of His sanctifying Grace.

Again I finish tis post by reminding you and myself Look to Christ! Look to Christ! Run to Him with your sin and your despair and look to Him! Immerse yourself in His Word and give no foothold to the devil, the world or the flesh. Look to Christ, Christ is greater than your greatest sin or affliction.


Posted June 5, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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