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Galatians 1: 4

Jesus Christ “gave Himself for our sins”

Martin Luther’s commentary on this verse truly made me rejoice. Any honest man will know when he reads the law. The law as given by Moses in Exodus 20, that we fall far short of God’s requirements, we fail, we sin, we come short of the mark. We don’t have to bad people to sin in this way either, The first commandment clearly states “ You shall love the Lord you God with your whole heart” Now who has ever done that? The law is not a kind taskmaster, it requires 100% percent obedience or God’s holy justice demands a punishment.

Now Luther says NO sin can harm a man who has hidden himself in the blood sacrifice of Christ on Calvary, and I know this to be true, from experience looking to to the cross of Jesus frees me from the bondage of sin and in HIM I see perfect freedom. The law then has no more hold on me, since I am made alive to God in Christ. No other mediator required. Just looking to Christ.

If then came to “give himself our sins” then we may live a new life being reconciled to God by the Cross of Christ. Now for some this may be old news, but for me it’s everyday good news. I am no longer God’s enemy because I am a lawbreaker, (the law being the ten commandments) No I am now under the Grace of God who now keeps me and frees me from my inclinations to sin. As I come to him daily in Repentance and faith.


Posted June 22, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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  1. Beautiful message brother. Galatians is one powerful book. It highlights our freedom in Christ and the grace of God. We are currently busy with a study of this book at the seminars we host and the response from those who come to realise that they have been deceived into religious bondage is phenominal.

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