A Book Review -Transform your Worklife by -Graham Power and Dr Dion Forster   1 comment

A Short review ( by Simon Thomas)

Transfrom your Worklife by -Graham Powers and Dr Dion Foster.

I have spent quite some time reading this little book from South African authors who will have a high impact. And here are some of the conclusions I have come to so far. (I will God willing take some time out to further analyze the book)

There are some good observations to make, first, the author does make a good point, Christians do need to be a witness in their place of work, Christians should be hard workers who have a good work ethic. And Christians should make an impact for Christ whether they are in the marketplace or in the church.

However, in my view the book has something amiss in it. There is no gospel! . In my opinion there should at least have been one chapter explaining the gospel to non- believers) The book is in my view a repacking of a social gospel message which promotes piety and moralism as its argument. There is also a tendency towards “Kingdom now” Theology which offers Christianity as a “counterculture” and that is exactly what the Emergent church are doing.

Furthermore, in my reading it would seem that author makes the assumption that the workplace is a “good place” where you will find ‘good people” When in the sight of God we are all sinners deserving God’s wrath and not His mercy. When he speaks of “taking the love of Jesus” to the work place, surely we need to declare the whole counsel of God and tell sinners they will go to hell if they do not repent of their sins.

For now that is all I have to say about this book. It has many good points and it is a good effort at a subject that needs addressing. But it lacks the scriptural backbone. It also makes an assumption. It assumes that the world and its system are good. 1 John 2:15-17 makes the point that “this world and its things are passing away” do we really want to latch onto a world that is passing away?


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  1. very balanced review

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