The Logic of Heaven   1 comment

Let not conscience make you linger, Nor of fitness fondly dream; All the fitness He requireth; Is to feel your need of Him.

This quote from a Hymn,” All the fitness He requireth; Is to feel your need of Him.” I like that, the human tendency is to first when drawn to the throne of grace and to Come to Christ, receive His gift, and then promptly try to earn it. John Piper has put a name to this tendency, he calls it the Debtors ethic. The Apostle Paul calls it being double minded. You cannot pay for a gift.

We have been given grace so now we think we “owe” It is such a deeply ingrained thing, in our human nature, and to be sure, gratitude is a good thing. Can a man repay God for anything? It seems a considerable impossibility. Luther tells how he discovered it.
Thus I raged with a fierce and troubled conscience. Nevertheless, I beat importunately upon Paul at [Romans 1:17], most ardently desiring to know what St. Paul wanted. At last, by the mercy of God, meditating day and night, I gave heed to the context of the words, namely, “In it the righteousness of God is revealed, as it is written, ‘He who through faith is righteous shall live.'” There I began to understand [that] the righteousness of God is . . . righteousness with which [the] merciful God justifies us by faith. . . . Here I felt that I was altogether born again and had entered paradise itself through open gates. (Martin Luther: Selections, pp. 11-12)

That is the heart of the matter, “feeling our need of Him, the more we feel our need of Him, the more we are inclined to obey. Suffering has never ceased to be the school of the Spirit, and though the sons of the world don’t seem to be harassed by their talk or actions or overly ancious about thought of God. Yet those who fear the Lord can know this, those whom He loves he disciplines.

Yet we cannot linger over matters of conscience for the accuser of the brethren uses tender consciences to accuse, those who would fear the Lord and obey His decrees. It was as Luther said for me too, when I saw that the righteousness God requires; is the righteousness He gives and He gives it to those who but receive it by faith. When I saw this my conscience could also rest in hope of heaven being opened for me too.
This puts me in the place of feeling my need of Him daily, running to God when all we feel is shame for sin, is never easy, but it is the only thing to do. The invitation still is, “Come ye who are weak and heavy laden and I will give you rest….” Jesus know better than we do that we can out of ourselves do nothing. The righteousness given to those who receive it by faith is the logic of heaven. And today again I feel my need of it. Do you?


Posted July 21, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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  1. You like Luther? he would not be so reformed today you know!

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