Hell Froze over?   1 comment

I have not known how to write anything meaningful around this subject, sometimes you hear people say things like I will do this or that, or not do it, “Until Hell Freezes over” Now for the most part in a office full of people with mixed religions and creeds, you often hear this kind of thing.

And Christians are no better sometimes, or professing Christians at least. Using the Name of God in a disrespectful way or using it in a way you use any other word, that just is the dumbest thing one can do when we live in plain sight of the God who sees, everything.

Coming back to the question about the statement “can hell freeze over?” Well from the philosophical point of view, the argument goes something like this. “If you put  something cold next to something hot, it will melt and bring down the temperature, thus, making the fire colder. Hench the conclusion that a  something cold upon entering hell could cool it down. Silly assumption, very silly speculation.

The truth of the matter is, is that hell is a place of eternal fire and burning, a place of desolation that has not life since the only thing resting upon it is the Wrath of God who is a Consuming fire. So no chance for relief for cold souls. There is only torment of mind body and spirit. Who would want to go to such a place? Surely men would not speculate if they knew that God does not engage men trifling with mere speculation.

Well this photo has no bearing on an eternal place of torment, apparently it is some place in the US, which gets really cold. Why one would call your town “hell” or even want to live in such a town is beyond me. But human reasons seems to know no limit when it comes to foolishness. I have only one word for those who have those who have such speculations and who make light of things they do not understand.

Flee from the wrath to come. Flee to Christ


Posted July 30, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Misc

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  1. where did you get that picture

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