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There is a sense of gratitude I feel when I consider the magnitude of what God has done for us, in sending His sending His Son, Our Lord Jesus, to die for our sins and to take the punishment due to us, upon Himself. But its more than gratitude, is Awe. It is truly the only thing that can be said to be “awesome”

This is the love of God proven to us, that while we were worthy of damnation He came and had mercy on us. To sin again against such a love has to be “the evil of evils. There can be nothing worse than that it makes the thought of sin even more horrendous and condemnation even more sure who do not embrace this love so completely and without reserve. It has been asked why does God send people to hell after He has shown such grace? The true answer is “ The size of the sin does not matter, it’s the value of the sacrifice, Jesus’ sacrifice is of infinite and eternal value, its the pearl of great price! To sin yet again against the Love of God on Calvary is the evil of evils! There is no remedy for such sinning!”

O friend Christ has poured out His all for you, behold Him! Worship Him, lay down all for Him!, for He is of eternal worth, let us pursue Grace for we need it to live, more than we need the air that we breathe, and let us pursue holiness for God has called us to separate ourselves from the world that is already under condemnation and is indeed passing away!


Posted August 5, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

4 responses to “Behold Christ!

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  1. Hi there. interesting point of view.

  2. These 5 Solas have become the distinguishing mark of the true church. As the rest of "Christianity" sways like blades of grass in the wind the Bride of Christ remains anchored to the One Faith that was passed down to us; unwavered, undaunted, unperturbed by the noise of obfuscation around us.

  3. nice comment, thanks

  4. ok can anyone else comment now? i could not previously see any comments!

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