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Live in the daily realization of your union to Christ. Never rest until you know that you are one with Christ; and having obtained the witness of the Spirit to this great fact live daily realizing it. If you dwell in Christ, and Christ dwells in you; if you are a member of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones, what have you to fear from the grave? If you live, you live in the Lord; or, if you die, you die in the Lord; living or dead, therefore, you are one with Christ….Quote from James Smith (Puritan)
One of the most perplexing things in this life to many is the fact that however well groomed or wealthy you are, however poor and unkempt. Every soul must one day face up to His Maker. These days the stats are terrifying, one cannot take for granted that tomorrow is another day. So many souls go into the depths without any thought of God. The very next hour will pass whether we have frittered it away on frivolous things or spent it wisely on things that matter.
I am sometimes amazed by the fact that some people are in wonderment that I study theology, (I know I am no professional I study it mainly for my own benefit) because I know God is the person most worth knowing, God is the one to be most treasured, and to do that You need to bring all your faculties to Him, a full heart with an empty head lead to error. A full head with an empty heart leads to legalism and not grace.
Daily union with Christ means bringing into subjection all our heart, emotions , feelings and thoughts with His revealed will. Walking in the light He has given us, and being gracious to others who do not share the light we do. To live then in Christ is to be tied to Christ in eternal union. To acknowledge God in our thinking and doing is the matter for the moment, and very much determines our future happiness or gloom.
To me then there is only one path open, Preparing for Heaven Daily. ( That would be the only PHD I will ever have)


Posted August 5, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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  1. This type of PHD I want to have, to be in Heaven one day – what an awesome thought. To be in the Prescence of the Most High! What a thought.Carey

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