The substance of things hoped for   Leave a comment

Eternal life is promised to us, but it is promised to the dead; we are told
of the resurrection of the blessed, but meantime we are involved in corruption; we are declared to be just, and sin dwells within us; we hear that we are blessed, but meantime we are overwhelmed by untold miseries;
we are promised an abundance of good things, but we are often hungry
and thirsty; God proclaims that He will come to us immediately, but
seems deaf to our cries. . . . Faith is therefore rightly called the substance
of things which are still the objects of hope. ( John Calvin)

Hope…….blessed hope, I do not know about you, friend, but I have to side with Calvin here. I cannot fathom the grace of God, because I know myself so thoroughly to be undeserving of it. I know only of spiritual and emotional and physical struggles. Imminent catastrophe as the world goes mad around me, what shall a man put his hope in? If not in God I do not know of anything else, if not in that Christ died in my stead, taking the blow for me, taking the hell I deserved and opened heaven for me, I would have no hope.
I don’t know about you friend, but I hate the sin I find in my life, the little foxes that ruin life and make living a painful affair. Yet I hope, and believe in God who has chosen to be gracious to me. Do you never wonder that Christ has a care for you friend? Has the thought crossed your mind that you are really a hell deserving man, and not deserving of any divine favor?
Or are you still insistent that somehow God is still owing you something? Look to the Cross I tell you, look to the Cross. There is no hope for any wretched soul other than in the cross.
Leave your life sin and religious piety and look to the cross. It is Christ Jesus who Justifies, yet if you let this fact pass you by, you will answer to the Law of Moses, and its punishments.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, be saved from the wrath of God, that is coming on the face of the earth. More surely than the sunrise and sunset, is the wrath that is to come. Come then, before then, and welcome to Jesus Christ!


Posted September 20, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional

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