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I cannot think of anything more desirable than to be with Christ, there is nothing more alluring and no thought more satsifying than to think that one day my eyes will behold the King of Glory. having said that I consider myslef and find in myself no good thing, why would the King of Glroy have me in His Home of eternal Joy and rest? I can think of nothing but the cross of Calvary and how the blood of Christ was shed for my sins, and the righteousness of Christ given to me me as glorious dress. This is indeed the stuff the makes me hope, many I am sure live thorugh pain without any sense of hope, many live through loss without any vison of a  glorious future to come.

May I say to you , Look to Jesus! Look to Jesus!. As I sit here I feel in my body that this world is not my home, it is not where my Joy is made complete, it is not in the world and its things that I find pleasure, in fact in it I find only distraction, and that makes me mad at the fact of sin. Sin ruins evertyhing and then spoils good pleasures like love and gratitude and kindesss and is to be hated with a most sincere hatred.

What glories there are to look forward to, is it too much pains now to forsake the world its wayward lusts and seemingly alluring pleausre. There is only pain in indulging in sin, and you will find it a sugar coated pill with with a deadly soul killing centre. Let us then persevere, and even if the progress is painfully slow, let us make some progress in personal holiness. Let us forsake this world that is hurtling into oblivion at the speed of lightning. Consider even your eyes that you behold the offerings of this world with are the eyes with which you will one day behold Christ with. Make your calling and election sure and do not play with the allurements of this world, it is fleeing and soon you too will find yourself face to face with God. May that be a glorious do for you, a day to be greatly anticipated, and rejoiced in and not a day of Judgement.

May the Peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and fill you with all the fullness of God.



Posted October 22, 2010 by Reformed and renewed in Devotional, Theology

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