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Glory in This…   1 comment

Jeremiah 9:24 (New King James Version) 24 But let him who glories glory in this, That he understands and knows Me, That I am the LORD, exercising lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the earth. For in these I delight,” says the LORD.

There are a few things in this life that deeply move me, and one of them is the knowledge that without the knowledge of God and the Grace of Jesus Christ I am nothing more than kindling for the fires of hell. When I consider myself I consider my weakness, my chronic illness and my depression that has been a great handicap in my life and I have this to say. “God meant it for good” I am not strong, and not wise, I fail frequently in my new years resolutions don’t last longer then the day I made them. But does this make me a candidate for heaven? I somehow don’t think so.

Many have such handicaps and worse and become bitter and resentful. Yet it is those who the world regards as beautiful, and successful that I think are more prone to damn themselves by their own self righteousness and self sufficiency. As It is I can make no such boast, I can look to the Cross of Jesus and their see my sins nailed to Calvary, I can look to heaven and see Christ exalted and see that He is my righteousness, I do not after all have any merit or any inherent value in myself. I do cry, “O that I may know Him!” But then there is the still deep seated moral corruptions in my soul and I am again weakened at the knees. I have come to see that the human heart is any abyss that is filled with corruptions that would fit it for hell anyday, it is only Christ’s mercy that upholds me, there is absolutely nothing I can add to either my justification or sanctification.

 Is this negative? I don’t think so, It is the realism that comes with conviction, the conviction that Christ alone can satisfy me, and that whatever the world offers, if nothing but candy coated rat poison. I rejoice in the fact that God still delights in exercising, loving kindness and judgment and righteousness, for this is then my hope as it should be yours also there is no hope in anything else, except in the Cross of Christ.


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Desiring God above all else   Leave a comment

I cannot think of anything more desirable than to be with Christ, there is nothing more alluring and no thought more satsifying than to think that one day my eyes will behold the King of Glory. having said that I consider myslef and find in myself no good thing, why would the King of Glroy have me in His Home of eternal Joy and rest? I can think of nothing but the cross of Calvary and how the blood of Christ was shed for my sins, and the righteousness of Christ given to me me as glorious dress. This is indeed the stuff the makes me hope, many I am sure live thorugh pain without any sense of hope, many live through loss without any vison of a  glorious future to come.

May I say to you , Look to Jesus! Look to Jesus!. As I sit here I feel in my body that this world is not my home, it is not where my Joy is made complete, it is not in the world and its things that I find pleasure, in fact in it I find only distraction, and that makes me mad at the fact of sin. Sin ruins evertyhing and then spoils good pleasures like love and gratitude and kindesss and is to be hated with a most sincere hatred.

What glories there are to look forward to, is it too much pains now to forsake the world its wayward lusts and seemingly alluring pleausre. There is only pain in indulging in sin, and you will find it a sugar coated pill with with a deadly soul killing centre. Let us then persevere, and even if the progress is painfully slow, let us make some progress in personal holiness. Let us forsake this world that is hurtling into oblivion at the speed of lightning. Consider even your eyes that you behold the offerings of this world with are the eyes with which you will one day behold Christ with. Make your calling and election sure and do not play with the allurements of this world, it is fleeing and soon you too will find yourself face to face with God. May that be a glorious do for you, a day to be greatly anticipated, and rejoiced in and not a day of Judgement.

May the Peace of Christ dwell in your hearts and fill you with all the fullness of God.


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The substance of things hoped for   Leave a comment

Eternal life is promised to us, but it is promised to the dead; we are told
of the resurrection of the blessed, but meantime we are involved in corruption; we are declared to be just, and sin dwells within us; we hear that we are blessed, but meantime we are overwhelmed by untold miseries;
we are promised an abundance of good things, but we are often hungry
and thirsty; God proclaims that He will come to us immediately, but
seems deaf to our cries. . . . Faith is therefore rightly called the substance
of things which are still the objects of hope. ( John Calvin)

Hope…….blessed hope, I do not know about you, friend, but I have to side with Calvin here. I cannot fathom the grace of God, because I know myself so thoroughly to be undeserving of it. I know only of spiritual and emotional and physical struggles. Imminent catastrophe as the world goes mad around me, what shall a man put his hope in? If not in God I do not know of anything else, if not in that Christ died in my stead, taking the blow for me, taking the hell I deserved and opened heaven for me, I would have no hope.
I don’t know about you friend, but I hate the sin I find in my life, the little foxes that ruin life and make living a painful affair. Yet I hope, and believe in God who has chosen to be gracious to me. Do you never wonder that Christ has a care for you friend? Has the thought crossed your mind that you are really a hell deserving man, and not deserving of any divine favor?
Or are you still insistent that somehow God is still owing you something? Look to the Cross I tell you, look to the Cross. There is no hope for any wretched soul other than in the cross.
Leave your life sin and religious piety and look to the cross. It is Christ Jesus who Justifies, yet if you let this fact pass you by, you will answer to the Law of Moses, and its punishments.
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved, be saved from the wrath of God, that is coming on the face of the earth. More surely than the sunrise and sunset, is the wrath that is to come. Come then, before then, and welcome to Jesus Christ!

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What did you do with Jesus Christ?”   Leave a comment

There is no fear of God before their eyes. And the rejection of Jesus Christ—God the Son—Whom God the Father has appointed to be our Savior, our King, and our Lord, is the most daring and damning of all sins.

There is nothing in this world that reveals what is in the human heart so clearly as what a man does with the real Lord and Christ. The rejection of Jesus Christ certainly proves a wicked heart. Hear this O sinner, the great question on the Judgment Day will be: “What did you do with Jesus Christ?”

Oh yes, I can imagine some people on that day. That man who sits in yonder gallery trying to make light of what I am saying tonight, he will be there. I can see him standing before the Judgment Bar. The throng will fall back, there will be a profound silence. Then comes rolling forth like the sound of mighty rushing waters the majestic Voice of the awesome and dreadful Judge: “You man, what did you do with Jesus Christ!” Who is to be the Judge that day? None other than Jesus Christ Himself.

The Lord Christ Jesus Whom you are rejecting is to be that Judge. This same Jesus Christ of Nazareth Whom you are robbing of the honor which is His due will be that Judge. That same Christ Who’s Divinity you are denying. And not that you have any real reason to deny it, but simply in your proud and arrogant heart you want to deny it. And you want to comfort yourself in your sin. That same Christ Whom you are trampling underfoot will sit as Judge that day.

That will be a very dark day for some. I can imagine that man or woman in this audience tonight who’s been telling their friends they do not believe that Jesus is God, and who’s been trampling the God the Son underfoot, and who have been resisting the invitations of mercy, maybe even for years now, you will stand before that Throne. And this same Christ Whom you have defamed and slandered, mocked and rejected, lied about and trampled underfoot, will be sitting as your Judge.

Friend, will you come to Him now while He sits upon the Throne of mercy? I beseech you, come to Him today while the question still is: “What will you do with Jesus Christ?” Because, O sinner, if you will not have mercy, then you need to know that you shall be judged by God’s perfect Law; and I assure you in the Lord, His justice will be done.

Dr. R.A. Torrey

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Until we see as we are seen   Leave a comment

Hebrews 11
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
I recently listend to John Piper talk about the “fruit” and the root” of Justification. Saying that the two should never be confused. It is by faith and by faiht alone we are untied with Christ, He is our substittion, He is the one wh has paid for our sins.To be sure the fruit should also be evident, but “fruit” doesn’t save by itself, No amount of piety saves, faith in Christ alone saves, it is that which makes us right before God.

No the text says “faith is the substance of things hoped for” What have we hoped for we have hope or at least we should, in “an inheritance that does not spoil or fade away” a place int the Blessed family of God who are in Christ. We hope to be like Jesus. We hope for this corruption to to be put away and the incorruptable to be put in its place. We hope for a place where there is no more sickness or sorrow or despair. We hope for life eternal and we hope to behold our Lord Jesus and to know Him and discover in all the ages to come.
We hope too be finally rid of sin and the corruption in our sous that so often make our hearst stray from God, and we hope for a heaven filled with Christ and His angels and saints.

These are things we do not yet see, even as we do not yet see except by faith this glorious slavation that God has wrought for us and in us. It makes one year for a place at the saviors feet, there to sit and learn from Him all the wisdom of the ages.. These things and more we hope for, and our hope is not in vain, it is in God Almighty whose Word cannot fail, even if we do. Who remains faithfull to uphold us, even when we fail to be faithfull.
This is life eternal, to know Him and to see Him as He is.

Sola Fide, Sola Christos, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura, Soli Deo Gloria. Until we see as we are seen. Amen.

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Make it known that He is unique!   Leave a comment

Isaiah 12:1 At that time1 you will say:“I praise you, O Lord,for even though you were angry with me,your anger subsided, and you consoled me. Look, God is my deliverer!I will trust in him3 and not fear.For the Lord gives me strength and protects me;4he has become my deliverer.” Joyfully you will draw water from the springs of deliverance. At that time7 you will say:“Praise the Lord! Ask him for help!Publicize his mighty acts among the nations! Make it known that he is unique!

I have recently been reading through the book of Isaiah and this little cluster of verses seemed particularly encouraging to me at this time. There is first verse one, which states “ At that time1 you will say:“I praise you, O Lord,for even though you were angry with me,your anger subsided” Who has not felt this? Yet the rod of God’s anger fell on Christ and that for our sake. That gives reason for hope. Very much reason for hope.

“The Lord is my deliverer” or “my salvation” is pertinetn because even when I feel hopeless in myself I feel the power of these words, God is there to deliver me, even if only in the final deliverance which is from this life to life in His presence which is eternal. “ I will trsut and not fear” This to me speaks of eternal securitywhat can be more secure than to believe in the word God has spoken? This in times of despair sustains me, God is my deliverance, my salvation I shall trust and not fear.

The result of this has to be praise and rejoicing, God has been mercifull to us and not punished us as our sins deserve, just pause and think for a moment with me who has done this, …it is God Himself. The one whom no mind can capture and conceive save He reaveals Himself. Why would He do this for sinners who deserve His wrath? Because of His intense love for those He called to fear Him. With Isaiah I have to say…. Make it known that he is unique!

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Come ! and Welcome to Jesus Christ!   1 comment

There are many times when feeling fail, but one thing that will never fail the true believer is the fact of his Justification before God. Its like a big umbrella he may hide when feelings are numbed and fears seem overwhelming.
God has been merciful to us, so much so that He did not spar His own Son, but gave Him up for us all, the rod, the punishment for our sins fell on Him. The cup of wrath, the damnation we deserve fell on Him.

There are many times I would despair but despair really does not lead anywhere, shalll we despair of mercy when pardon is offered freely? I do not say this to the flippant or the one who loves his little sins and refuses the correction of the Father. No we are not to sin, sin is worse than Satan, it is worse than the death of martyrdom, it is the betrayal of God in the worst possible way.
What is more even the pious are cappable of the most heinous crimes if they do not guard their hearts, for out of the heart streams all kinds of wickedness, and the depths of a man’s own depravity is a bottomless pit, that cannot be fathomed or healed by anything other than by the Blood of Jesus. How precious is the thought of it!

I know I have said it before but I will say it again, Look to Jesus! Look to Jesus! This message is so high and so deep you will not fathom it for all of eternity, for ever we who will stand along with the redeemed of all ages will wonder at the never ending Majesty of the Redemption God has given to those who has called and drawn to Himself.
Like me, you need to look to Him to day, for out of ourselves we can do nothing.

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